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2017 Laser Treatments are designed for your skin

All of the following treatments include Laser Hair Removal and luxurious products designed for your skin.

- LaseMedics Embrace Sensitive Laser: a closer hair removal treatment for sensitive skin.
- LaseMedics Tropical Laser: Laser treatments with protective cushions & a tropical scent.
- LaseMedics in Purple: Enjoy Laser after-care with a passionate purple home care accessories kit.
- LaseMedics Snap: Instant smoothness for Laser.
- LaseMedics Flexible: This mix-and-match package lets you prepay and change treatments & swap with friends.
- LaseMedics Devine: Laser treatments that will also strip away unnecessary oils from your skin.
- LaseMedics White: Scented white tea Laser treatments with a touch of antioxidants.
- LaseMedics Sugar: Laser treatments that also moisturises and exfoliates.
- Simple Laser LaseMedics: Enjoy a simple Laser Hair Removal treatment in the hands of qualified therapists.

Come and experience the difference in having Laser Hair Removal at LaseMedics Parramatta/Merrylands in 2017.
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