Your Laser Hair Removal Therapist

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It's daunting to know there are so many LHR clinics available today, so how do you tell the experienced from the inexperienced when it comes to using medical grade equipment? Has your laser hair removal therapist ever mentioned the below tips...?

#1 - Activity after laser hair removal

It is recommended that you avoid doing any activity which will increase body temperature or cause you to perspire for at least 24 hours after your treatment.

#2 - Brazilian laser hair removal timeout

Many clients can treat their Brazilian and underarms in just 5 minutes depending on individual hair growth and density.

#3 - Hormones and laser hair removal

Aside from the obvious influences on laser hair removal such as hair colour, density, coarseness and skin colour - Laser hair removal results vary and are influenced by individual hormones, stress levels, medication, pregnancy as

#4 - Pigmentation from laser hair removal

To minimise risks of pigment changes to the area being treated avoid sun exposure, solarium and fake tan two weeks before and two weeks after each treatment. Allows apply SPF

#5 - Troublesome hair removal areas

When surveyed, the majority of women believed they were one of the few with troublesome nipple, facial and snail trail hair growth - when in fact we treat these concerns daily

#6 - Stress slows laser hair removal results

When you stress your body produces more of the hormone androgen, which can cause hirsutism ( hair on a woman that matches a male hair pattern, you know the ones we’re talking about those odd ... and annoying chin hairs gggrrrrrr) Androgens also increase oil production which can lead to oily skin, acne and other related skin problems such as worsening of cold sores, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and dehydration.

It's also aging's best friend. When you stress you frown which causes frown lines and wrinkles. Chronic stress deprives your skin of the blood and oxygen it needs to be healthy, causing it to lose its elasticity and break more easily and eventually your skin will take on a dull aged appearance.

So stress less

-Take regular deep breaths to expand your diaphragm

-Go for a walk.

-Spend time in nature.

-Call a good friend or family member.

-Sweat out tension with a good workout.

-Write in your journal.

-Take a long bath.

-Light scented candles.

-Savor a warm cup of coffee or tea.

-Play with a pet.

-Work in your garden.

-Get a massage.

-Curl up with a good book.

-Listen to music.

-Watch a comedy.

-Make time for you and the things you enjoy doing…laser hair removal perhaps?

And when you can't help but stress…increase leaves of B vitamins as they keep you healthy during times of stress and anxiety and will help ensure that you do not become more stressed. Get your vitamin B from animal-based meats that are high in vitamin B12 or cereals that have been enriched with B12, or take a supplement to ensure you get enough B12. Also, foods such as broccoli, almonds and milk will provide you with rich sources of B vitamins.

#7 - Pregnancy and laser hair removal

You must always inform the laser hair removal therapist of any new medical conditions, medications or if you become pregnant.

#8 - stimulated hair from laser

Although we can treat any area of the body and face (except eyebrows) some areas have been known to become stimulated.

#9 - Size of laser hair removal pointer

Medical Grade Lasers do not treat one hair at a time. They use a 20 cent size gauge which allows therapists to treat areas quickly.

#10 - Post laser hair removal care

You can drastically reduce the risk of any complications and improve your results by simply using two products post treatment.

#11 - Winter vs Summer for laser hair removal

The best time for laser hair removal treatment is during winter! The skin has very minimal sun exposure during winter so its great to laser. Remember the fairer the skin the better the results! So ditch the Winter Blues and feel smooth and Fabulous!

#12 - being under 16 and laser hair removal

Persons 16 years and under can be treated with parental consent.

#13 - Extras with certain medical grade laser hair removal machines

Medical Grade Lasers not only reduce hair growth but also have the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production which can help to improve skin condition especially mild scarring from ingrown hairs