Laser Hair Removal Buying Guide Merrylands / Parramatta

When it comes to Laser Hair Removal there is more to know and consider than just price and the type of laser being used. Here at LaseMedics laser, skin and body Clinic Merrylands we pride ourselves in our work and this is what has made us stand out. The Candela Gentlelase laser machine that we use here at our Merrylands branch is one of the best in the industry, cooling the skin with each pulse light that goes off. So what is laser?? Laser hair removal is the process of destroying the hair follicle using pulses of light which convert to heat. In the beauty and medical industry there are many different types of lasers however what sets them apart are the Several wavelengths of laser energy being used for hair removal, from visible light to near-infrared radiation.

When one decides to start a laser course of treatments it is essential that you are in the hands of a trained professional who knows the skin and how to operate such heavy machinery. All our senior therapist here in our Merrylands clinic have had 3+ more years in the beauty industry. Don’t worry about being hair free as we offer FREE consultations before every treatment so we know exatly where to laser and what your hair is like.

I look at my clients who are from Merrylands and surrounding areas as family. As a therapist who prides herself on honesty it is important to let clients know that laser cannot perform miracles, but we can vouch it’s close to a miracle worker. When describing the Candela Gentlase technology it’s a standout in PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION, if we told you, you would receive a guaranteed result of permanent hair removal we would be lying. This doesn’t rule out that clients don’t see a significant decrease of hair growth for months or even years after their minimum 8-12 treatments, we just picture you all as lovely unique individuals who become family.

Get in on what all the hype about laser is and book a FREE consultation just here in Merrylands!!! Laser hair removal is fantastic and I bet you will love it too!!!